Rural Health Board, Medical Director Reach Agreement on Contract

The Johnson County Rural Health Care District Board and Medical Director Dr. Mark Schueler have reached an agreement on his contract to provide services to the district.

During discussions at their meeting Monday, it was determined that some proposals in the draft contract were taken out of the final draft and agreed to by both parties.

One clause taken out is a requirement for him to pay attorney fees for contract negotiations.

The second is a requirement for him to provide his own malpractice insurance.

It was determined that Dr. Schueler and the EMTs are covered by the board’s liability/malpractice insurance, so no coverage of his own was necessary.

Dr. Schueler explained how liability works between himself and the EMTs.

The board voted to accept the contract, and Dr. Schueler, present at the meeting, said it was acceptable to him.

The contract will pay Dr. Schueler $1,000 per month and is set up to be renewed annually if agreed to by both parties.

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