Moderna Vaccine for COVID-19 Arrives at Sheridan Memorial Hospital

Kim Gilbert, FNP-C – Works in Internal Medicine

The Moderna vaccine for COVID-19 has arrived at Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

Sheridan Memorial Hospital received 900 doses of the vaccine.

Kim Gilbert, FNP-C – Works in Internal Medicine
Ian Hunter, MD – Sheridan County Public Health Officer – 1st vaccine administered in Sheridan County.
Fresh off the truck, Moderna vaccine for COVID-19
Bryan Opitz, Pharmacy Manager, holds Moderna vaccine for COVID-19.


  1. I understand the need to vaccinate the health care workers first, but I hope they’ll make the next group to receive it those in long-term health care facilities since those are the most vulnerable to the most serious effects of the virus. That would make sense.

    • They will stay in lockdown……. the vaccine only LESSENS the effects? That is what i am hearing…… The Government should be feared more than the virus………

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