Planning Underway for Longmire Days 2021

Planning has commenced for the 2021 Longmire Days for next summer in Buffalo.

In a release, the Longmire Foundation said they would be releasing event dates on December 18th, which is the same day they will announce the winner of the VIP Experience raffle, and the day that general admission tickets will go on sale.

According to the release, this year’s event “will have familiar faces and new additions to the festival.”

They have invited Robert Taylor, Lou Diamond Phillips, Adam Bartley, Louanne Stephens, Katee Sackhoff, Cassidy Freeman, A Martinez, Bailey Chase, John Bishop, Jeffrey De Serrano, and Zahn McClarnon to this year’s event.

Events this year will include the horseback ride with the actors, the softball game, and the auction at the Occidental Hotel.

Work will begin on this year’s schedule of events after December 18th.

Event tickets will be available after the schedule is announced, probably in March or April of 2021.

For more information on the upcoming Longmire Days 2021, click on the link to the Longmire Days Facebook page we have provided here:




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Warren Dubois
3 months ago

Will be their with bells on. Flying in from Tucson and really looking forward?.

Warren Dubois
3 months ago

I have my entry tickets already and am waiting for a list of events.