Johnson County Healthcare Center is actively seeking a new marketing director

Johnson County Healthcare Center is seeking to fill the position of marketing director after former marketing director, Marcy Schueler, resigned as a result of posting a comment on a Facebook page that was deemed inappropriate.

According to JCHC Chief Executive Officer Sean McCallister, Schueler, JCHC’s former marketing director, encouraged people to vote for her husband, Dr. Mark Schueler, to remain on the Johnson County Hospital District board via a post on JCHC’s Facebook page the night before the County election. 

The post has since been removed. 

“I was completely unaware of the post until a board member notified me,” McCallister said in an email to Sheridan Media. “The post was active for approximately two hours. I had it taken down immediately. The next day I met with the board in executive session during a special meeting. Subsequently, Marcy resigned.”

The post constituted a conflict of interest for Schueler and for JCHC, according to McCallister. 

“While JCHC leadership were not aware of and did not approve the post, we regret it happened.” McCallister said.

JCHC has a broad social media policy that primarily addresses employee responsibility in relation to HIPAA and patient confidentiality. Due to Schueler’s post, JCHC will potentially bolster that policy to include additional specific guidelines and warnings, as well as require all Facebook posts to be reviewed and approved in advance by the administrator, McCallister said. 

To apply for the position of Marketing Director, find the listing on or email a resume and letter of interest directly to JCHC CEO Sean McCallister at

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