RENEW sets up haunted house for clients

RENEW had a haunted house full of spooky creatures to greet clients and visitors Friday. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Shrieks and scary sounds filled the air in RENEW Friday as the organization’s clients were escorted through a haunted house set up for their entertainment.

Ghosts and goblins, witches and other ghoulies waited to greet them on a tour that was open as well to the public.

That was one of the witches waiting to scare those brave enough to take the tour.

Kimberly Lanners became a skeleton for the occasion. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Kimberly Lanners, who’s RENEW’s chief operations officer, said the haunted house was the organization’s treat to its clients. In an interview just before the haunted house opened at 9 a.m., she said she was hoping that a lot of people showed up for the event.

By “participants,” she explained, she was referring to RENEW’s clients. Clients showed up in costumes to go on the tour, and Lanners said she knew they were excited.

She said in addition to the haunted house, clients will be treated to a Halloween party this weekend.

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