Sheridan Memorial Hospital continues to operate amid staff quarantines

Sheridan Memorial Hospital currently has 31 staff members unable to come to work as another 47 staff members await results from COVID-19 tests. 

During a briefing by hospital leadership SMH Chief Executive Officer Mike McCatterty stated 31 staff members are unable to work due to illness as nine test positive for COVID-19. 

M. McCafferty

The three categories staff unable to work fall under are: sick with symptoms, awaiting results and quarantined, McCafferty said. 

Another 47 staff members are awaiting results from tests and are currently being monitored. 

According to Chief Medical Officer Dr John Addlesperger, there is no evidence those staff members contracted the coronavirus while on duty. Staff members may have contracted the disease while attending large gatherings outside of work hours, Addlesperger said. 

The number appears high, but due to early cross-training staff have been able to shift duty stations and fill the gaps. According to Addlesperger, leadership is keeping a close eye on the resources needed to maintain critical services. 

J. Addlesperger

Sheridan Memorial Hospital has operated and continues to operate with full services since reinstating elective surgeries earlier this year. In March, SMH discontinued the service to reserve resources in the event of COVID-19 case surges. 

Once personal protective equipment supply lines returned, elective surgeries were reinstated.  

SMH leadership commended residents in the community who continue to observe CDC and Wyoming Department of Health COVID-19 guidelines, including wearing face coverings, as many hospitals within the Rocky Mountain region have gone into a divert status. Any hospital with an exceedingly large number of COVID-19 patients falls into a divert status, meaning patients seeking care outside of COVID-19 cannot be seen in those facilities.    

M. McCafferty

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Ruth Martin
1 month ago

It was observed today that several pharmacy staff not wearing masks today at the hospital.