JCHC to Use Supplemental Tests for COVID-19

The Johnson County Healthcare Center will be using in-house Rapid Anitgen COVID testing in the near future to supplement their already in-use Rapid PCR COVID testing in specific circumstances.

That’s according to CEO Sean McCallister, who spoke about testing during their recent media briefing, saying that up to this point it was something the medical staff had elected not to do because they wanted use the “gold standard PCR Test.

According to a release from the JCHC, they started using their new Rapid PCR COVID Analyzer earlier this month and the quick in-house turnaround times are extremely beneficial to the facility.

Also in the release, they announced that all staff and visitors to the facility are now required to wear a face covering at all times while in their buildings.

In general, visitations will be limited to one person per patient, and in some case visitation will be completely prohibited.

End-of-life situations may allow expanded visitation.

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