School Superintendent Discusses Lock-down Response

The attempted abduction of a 12 year-old girl in Buffalo earlier this month resulted in measures being taken by the Johnson County School District to better protect students at the time.

District Superintendent Jim Wagner, in his report to the school board this month, said after being notified of the incident by local law enforcement, he decided to implement a “soft lock-down” of Buffalo schools, but did not do so in Kaycee, as he felt the threat was most imminent in Buffalo.

He explains what a soft lock-down is.

In his written report, he said, “Thankfully, the threat did not put students in harms way and it gave us a chance to test our new app and announcement system to get information out on multiple platforms to inform the community.”

He said the system worked as intended and the incident provided the district an opportunity to test the system before winter weather hits.

The announcement system will be used for emergencies as well as weather-related information as in school closures or delays.

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