Movie Director: Wyoming ‘Perfect Spot’ for Film

A Western movie recently wrapped up filming at Buffalo’s TA Ranch.

Director/Producer Michael Feifer, before filming ended, sat down with Sheridan Media to discuss the film and how and why he chose to shoot on location at the TA Ranch.

Feifer was asked why he chose to shoot the film in Wyoming, and specifically at the TA Ranch.

He said his wrangler, Kevin McNiven, has the best horses in the business, and is located in Lander, so he was leaning toward shooting near him anyway.

He said other factors, including the concern over COVID-19 also contributed to the decision.

The film, entitled “Catch the Bullet,” stars Tom Skerritt, Peter Facinelli, Jay Pickett, and Cody Jones among others, is in post production and expected to be released within the next year.

Feifer discussed the possibility of other future projects being filmed in the area, and we will have that conversation in an upcoming story.

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