Sheridan County Monitoring Uptick in COVID-19 Cases

(Image courtesy of the CDC)

Sheridan County is experiencing ups and downs in the fight against COVID-19. While Governor Mark Gordon has reported that statewide daily new cases have declined in the past two weeks, Sheridan County is experiencing an uptick in positive cases, according to a release from the Board of County Commissioners.

In the release, it was reported that Sheridan County School District 2 reached a positive milestone this past week, demonstrating that their precautionary measures are working.

In the first week of school, a student tested positive for COVID-19. The school and public health partnered to identify, contact and quarantine anyone who was in direct contact with this student.

Approximately 25 people were quarantined, and as of last week, all of those contacts were released from quarantine without developing illness.

Public Health Officer Ian Hunter said, “The school protocols are working.

If those 25 close contacts were not wearing masks, we would have different news to share.”

In addition to an increase in positive cases, Incident Management has seen that people are in close contact with larger groups now more than they were in the spring, so instead of contacting 5 or 6 close contacts, Public Health is contacting 10 or more close contacts.

COVID-19 fatigue has resulted in the community losing discipline in adhering to precautionary measures.

Public Health Nurse Manager Debra Haar said, “The community must remain vigilant in staying home when sick, social distancing, and wearing face masks to keep the risk under control. We realize that we have been asking the community to distance and wear masks for a long time and it’s unpleasant. Unfortunately, we need to reinvigorate that effort as we are seeing our numbers increase.”

Sheridan County COVID-19 Case Count as of Friday:

Total Lab Confirmed Positive Cases: 129.

Active Confirmed Cases: 25.

Recovered: 101.

Active Probable Cases: 22.

Death: 3.

Currently hospitalized in Sheridan County (residents & nonresidents): 2.

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  1. Public health couldn’t be lying anymore to the community. There has been more than ONE case in Sheridan County School District 2! There is currently an entire elementary class in quarantine, how about the kids that had to quarantine at the junior high, also a few from the high school? This is the problem, Public health should be ashamed of themselves, they don’t give 2 licks about the people in this community… Shocking

    • Those on the front line in Sheridan are not lying, Imo !
      I take your point that complete honesty & accuracy & reporting of statistics are inaccurate. If so, then that comes from the Top and filters down, Imo !

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