Game and Fish release annual report, showing investment of $9.9 million in terrestrial habitat

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department, in collaboration with many partners, invested more than $9.9 million for aquatic and terrestrial habitat projects in 2019. The projects are crucial for conserving more than 800 species in Wyoming for future generations. 

Game and Fish recently released the 2019 Strategic Habitat Plan Annual Report. According to a recent Game and Fish press release, Game and Fish allocated more than $3.3 million in funds for habitat projects – about double the prior year’s amount – and was able to leverage that for more than $6.5 million from the Wyoming Wildlife Natural Resources Trust fund, federal government funds, state funds, private landowners and local conservation partners.

“External partners contributed $1.94 for every Game and Fish dollar,” Brian Nesvik,  Game and Fish director said. “This work would not be possible without the wide-ranging support of the people of this state to ensure we leave Wyoming a better place. Wyoming invests in habitat because it’s clear that the people who live and work here treasure wildlife, and that starts on the ground.  I want to thank all project partners who invested in Wyoming’s wildlife habitats in 2019.”

The annual report details diverse accomplishments throughout the state. Over the last year, Game and Fish, alongside partners, helped direct restoration, monitoring and enhancement activities aimed at improving 58 stream miles and more than 390,133 acres of terrestrial habitats including planting 12,572 native trees and shrubs. Herbicide treatments to help control and prevent the spread of invasive weeds topped 47,418 acres. More details on projects and the species they impact can be found in the report.

Ian Tator, Game and Fish statewide terrestrial habitat manager, notes the Strategic Habitat Plan, revised and approved by the Commission every five years, helps focus efforts to maintain the state’s high-quality wildlife. The Strategic Habitat Plan annual report shines a spotlight on annual habitat accomplishments achieved through collaboration. 

“The investment in the public resource is paying off,” Tator said. “With our partners, we are able to maintain habitat as well as improve habitats that have been degraded. This year, we want to send a special thanks to our highlighted partner, Ducks Unlimited, who have a long history of working on wetland habitat restoration across the state, which benefits all species of wildlife.”

Current and past reports can be downloaded from the Game and Fish website at

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