As of July, 31, Goose Creek Transit requires face-coverings

Goose Creek Transit provides door-to-door assisted transportation and also runs the public fixed route around Sheridan.

Goose Creek Transit has announced that as of July 31st, Goose Creek Transit is requiring all passengers to wear face masks while on the bus, both for door-to-door pickup and the fixed route. Masks or other face covering must be worn properly – covering the mouth and nose – while on the bus, according to a press release.

Goose Creek Transit continues to encourage older adults and people with chronic health conditions to remain at home as much as possible. 

The organization asks that residents please do not use Goose Creek Transit if they are experiencing COVID symptoms or are not feeling well. 

If you have questions, please contact Steve Ainslie at 675-7433 for more information.


  1. Great decision.. Can’t imagine a better environment for spreading Covid, than a bus full of senior citizens. Sad that State and Federal governments don’t have the courage to mandate face coverings in public and stop the spread. I can’t understand why some folks ignore Science and common sense and refuse to wear masks. Perhaps masks are too uncomfortable for some “tough” Wyoming people. I guess, they think politicans know more science than doctors. Perhaps they just simply don’t care if they spread covid to others. How it is a “constitutional right” to spread this highly contagious death, to family, friends and anyone else they walk by. Sad when politics overcome common human decency.. SAD!!!

    • I’m with you Harriett! I have COPD and wearing a mask in pubic can be very uncomfortable to me when I run out of air but I keep it on and am getting used to wearing it. I feel it’s the way out of this pandemic and it is the considerate and responsible thing to do.

      • Isn’t it interesting Cindy, that none of the adamant “anti- mask” folks have answered our posts with a logical explanation why they won’t wear a mask.

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