Council to Consider Alcohol Delivery Ordinance and Discuss WTBC Funding Agreement

The Sheridan City Council will be considering Emergency Ordinance 2020 at their upcoming meeting Monday night. The ordinance allows for the delivery of alcohol within City limits, and was first approved by the Council in late March due to the pandemic. The  Council, by statute, must continue to approve the ordinance at their regular business meetings to keep it in effect. Sheridan Mayor Roger Miller said that while Council has been discussing crafting an ordinance that would permanently allow the delivery of alcohol in the City, they aren’t quite there yet.

Mayor Miller

The Council will also be discussing the cooperative funding agreement between the City and Sheridan County for the Wyoming Technology Business Center in Sheridan. There are also several community updates and public hearings scheduled for Monday night’s meeting as well. The meeting will be broadcast live on KWYO 1410 AM, and 106.9 FM.

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Ezra petersen
1 year ago

This town is already awash in booze this is not a good idea. We can’t even have a street festival without allowing people to guzzle alcohol at it. There’s enough chugging of this societal scourge at the countless watering holes without giving people the option to sit in a lawn chair in their front yard and become obliterated without ever getting up.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ezra petersen

This way at least they aren’t out driving drunk.

Richard Corbin
1 year ago

Over ten thousand people killed each year by drunk driving alone and cost
$ 44,000,000,000 BILLION a year on Avg. Does not count drunk,disorderly, and domestic violence fueled by booze. But hey it’s only 10,000 Souls and 44 BILLION dollars a year.
In ten years it’s only 100,000 dead Souls and
$440,000,000,000 or near half a Trillion dollars.