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Sheridan Commission Approves 1% to be Placed on November Ballot

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Sheridan County’s Commissioners have voted to approve a joint Resolution approving the proposition to continue the 1% Special Purpose Excise Tax (SPET) to be placed on the ballot at the November General Election.

County Administrative Director Cameron Duff gave details to the commission during their meeting Tuesday.

The total tax to be collected is $40,000,000 with appropriations to the Town of Clearmont for $800,000 for water, sewer, and street projects; $2 million to the Town of Dayton for improvements to water lines, sewer and street projects, improvements to public facilities, and capital equipment; $2 million to the Town of Ranchester for water, sewer, and street projects, and parks and pathways; $22.72 million to the City of Sheridan for improvements to streets, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water lines and other public facilities; and $22.48 million to Sheridan County for infrastructure improvements to roads, bridges, and public facilities.

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