City of Buffalo Prepares for COVID-19

The City of Buffalo is preparing for the COVID-19 pandemic and monitoring the situation closely.

That is according to a release from the city.

In the release from Buffalo Mayor Shane Schrader, he said the health and safety of the city’s staff, residents of Buffalo, and visitors are of high importance, and encouraged people to keep up with the latest information on the virus through the

Center for Disease Control, Johnson County Emergency Management, and Johnson County Healthcare Center and their websites.

The city and its operations are “business as usual” except that the City Hall lobby has been closed until further notice. Staff members are still available to assist the public by phone at (307) 684-5566.

Mayor Shane Schrader asks the community to use common sense, as limiting contact in the best way to avoid the virus.

The release specifies what residents can and should do if they need to contact city departments and what the public can expect from city services in the coming weeks, such as sanitation, police, public works, and the water and sewer treatment plants.

These are listed with this story below.

At this time the City of Buffalo will continue to conduct city business and will continue to do so until the public is notified otherwise.

Mayor Schrader summed up the release by saying,“We as a community have always been strongest when we stand together and together we will come through this in true Buffalo style; Heads Held High and Proud of each other.”

Recommendations of the city for Buffalo residents:

  • Public Works – limit to emergency calls only. Examples: safety situation, broken water/sewer lines, severe road damage, downed power lines.
  • Payments to the City – you do not need to come into City Hall to pay. Options:
    • Xpress bill pay, this is a convenient way to pay your monthly bill with a credit or debit card. City hall staff members can assist setting up over the phone.
    • Call us, and staff can process payments over the phone.
    • Set up automatic payment through your Bank’s bill-pay service online.
    • Utilize the Bill drop box located on the drive across from the doors to City Hall.
  • Dispatch and Police – the department is taking protective measures to continue coverage of the city.
  • Sanitation – garbage collection is still on the normal days.
  • Sewer Treatment Plant – be mindful of what you are flushing. The system is not designed to handle paper towels or articles of clothing.
  • Water Treatment Plant – tap water is clean and virus free.
  • Planning and Zoning issues or building permits – call Toby Rhodes at his office to schedule a meeting time. The vast majority of these issues may be able to be taken care of over the phone or email.
  • Municipal Court – if your presence is required contact the courts before your court date and the Judge at her discretion may elect to make alternative arrangements. You must contact the courts prior to your court date.
  • City Council, committee, and board meetings – these are open to the public, however we strongly encourage you to limit your attendance to the meeting on essential attendance only basis. You are welcome to call City Hall with questions and follow the Buffalo Press corp., as they do an excellent job covering city information.

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