Gilmore Learns How to Serve

Gilmore is being trained as an emotional service dog in the Dog and Cat Shelter's Stray to Service program. (Photo by Pat Blair)

The Stray to Service pilot program at Sheridan’s Dog and Cat Shelter was initiated to train dogs to help veterans, but that isn’t the program’s only focus.

Marian Eccles, who’s a volunteer trainer at the shelter, said she’s fostering 8-month-old Gilmore to become an emotional support dog for a little girl who has special needs.

She said Gilmore is basically learning common household functions. She said he’s a very mellow dog.

Like many dogs that come through the Dog and Cat Shelter, Gilmore’s pedigree is unknown. Eccles said she thinks he’s probably Australian shepherd, blue heeler and some other breed that’s quite large and mellow.

She said he’s got a lot of personality and makes the shelter staff smile and laugh.

Another shot of Gilmore and volunteer trainer Marian Eccles. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Jill Moriarty, who’s the shelter director, said the pilot Stray to Service program started in November.

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