Residents can help identify locations of potholes in Sheridan through app

During a recent appearance on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse program, Chief of the Sheridan Police Department, Travis Koltiska, told listeners that he understands the wear and tear on vehicles resulting from potholes in Sheridan’s streets.  

Rainwater or snow melt off seeps into cracks of a road that have been caused by traffic use. This water works its way deeper into the gravel and dirt that make up the roadbed and softens this material. When temperatures drop, this water freezes and expands, causing the roadway material – asphalt or concrete – to crack even more. Once the temperature begins to warm, the water melts and exposes the cavity or pothole left behind. 

Chief Koltiska told listeners there is a way residents can help street crews with the pothole problem. 

Chief T. Koltiska

Crews are already repairing the potholes that can be repaired during this time of year. But this winter season has been especially brutal on Sheridan’s streets, according to Streets Superintendent Mike Kuzara. 

First, the amount of snow relocated by the street crews is nearly three times the yearly average. The amount of snow moved over the last three years averages to approximately 50,000 cubic yards. The street crews have moved 145,000 cubic yards of snow this year, so far, Kuzara said. 

This amount of snow also presents a challenge to street crews as the melt off constantly runs into the potholes that have formed closer to the edges of the roadways, where snow has accumulated. Although there are techniques used by Kuzara’s team to dry some potholes, a pothole with a constant flow of water prevents any work from being accomplished. 

The constant rise and drop in temperatures has also created problems. When temps rise, snow melts, filling potholes with water. When temps fall below freezing in the same 24-hour period, that water freezes and expands. The result is small potholes become large potholes. This cycle has occurred three times this winter, according to Kuzara. 

The app, Connect Sheridan, can be found at both the Apple Store and Google Play. 


  1. When you search for Connect Sheridan on the Google Play store the only thing that pops up when you search for Sheridan Connect Graduway from Sheridan College, if you are wanting to log in it seems to be just for students as it asks you to identify as Staff, Alumni or Student. There are definitely some Pot holes I’d like to report in this town. Where can we find this app and is maybe the name in this story wrong?

  2. I take that back, searching the City’s Website did find a spot where You could download the Connect Sheridan app via Google Play, but it isn’t workable on newer phone devices, The app is for older versions of android an cannot be installed for my Samsung Galaxy S22 at least, don’t know which phones it would work on, but this app definitely could use updating.

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