Trial Date Set for Sheridan Man Charged With Felony Drug Possession

A trial date was set this week in Fourth Judicial District Court for 40-year-old Ronnie Holliman of Sheridan. Holliman on June 14, was arrested and charged with three counts of felony possession of a controlled substance. Holliman was in possession of methamphetamine, marijuana and clonazepam. Holliman was also charged with two misdemeanors, criminal trespass and under the influence of a controlled substance. The drug possession charges are being prosecuted as felonies because Holliman has two previous drug possession convictions on his record and if he’s convicted on the current charges, he would have at least three convictions, which is a felony in Wyoming.

During the arraignment hearing in District Court, Holliman pleaded not guilty to all five charges. District Court Judge Darci Phillips scheduled a #4 stack two-day jury trial for November 7 and set a pretrial conference for October 6 at 9:30 am. If convicted on all five charges, Holliman faces up to 16 years in prison and fines of up to $16,500.


  1. The west coast is sending their finest to Sheridan. South of the border construction workers also. Just re-name the town in 5 years to Calidan. Happened to Colorado-Idaho-Montana. We are next.

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