Details of Stoffel Rezone Ordinance Presented to Council

City of Sheridan Community Development Director Wade Sanner (Photo Ron Richter ©)

The Sheridan City Council will soon be considering first reading of an ordinance to rezone property located at 827 and 843 North Sheridan Avenue. City Community Development Director Wade Sanner provided details of the Stoffel Rezone at the recent Council study session.

Wade Sanner

Sanner said the applicant is proposing to rezone the property in order to create a continuous B-1 zoned corridor along the southern portion of 5th Street. The Council is expected to consider the ordinance for the rezone at an upcoming regularly scheduled business meeting. 

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  1. Please stop allowing homes to be torn down rezoned to commercial properties and nasty apartments/townhouses being built. Our city is starting to look like Billings and Casper. You all say we need affordable housing, but look at these apartments being built, they are charging just as much as purchasing a home with a yard. Stop this rezoning to commercial land. It is all about Greed people!

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