County OKs Lake DeSmet Appointment on Split Vote

Johnson County’s Commissioners made two appointments to the Lake DeSmet Advisory Board at their meeting this week.

One appointment was made unanimously, while the other was approved on a 2 to 1 vote.

Board member Cheryl Benner said there were three openings on the board, one for the recreation representative, the other for the environmental representative, and the third a Sheridan County Commission representative.

Joe Kalus was approved unanimously for a re-appointment on a 2-year term to the board as the recreation representative, but Commissioner Bob Perry voiced concern over the appointment of Nathan Lindsey as environmental representative to the board.

Commissioners Bill Novotny and Linda Greenough were not in agreement with Commissioner Perry, and voted to approve Lindsey to the board.

Also ratified was Bob Ralston, who was appointed by the Sheridan County Commission as their representative on the board by the same 2-1 split vote.

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