RANGE, ACT, DTE, and RT unite to become one company

Range will combine network capabilities and industry expertise enhancing the services available to Sheridan residents.

Range Telephone Cooperative, Inc. known as “Range,” Advanced Communications Technology, Inc. known as “ACT,” Dubois Telephone Exchange, Inc. or “DTE,” and RT Communications, Inc. known as “RT” announced yesterday they are uniting under one brand using the name Range.

“We will continue to be your local broadband, voice, and technology leader in our communities. You can expect to speak and work with all the same great staff that provides you excellent service today,” Range CEO, Rob Johnstone said. “One brand is a game-changer for us as a company and fulfills our mission to provide a quality customer experience.”

Uniting the companies under one brand allows an increase in resources available to customers in Sheridan and throughout the state, according to Jason Wille, Chief Marketing Officer.

J. Wille

The company headquarters will continue to be in Forsyth, MT, with regional offices in Sheridan, Worland, and Dubois, WY. Customers will still be able to contact their local office for billing questions, service inquiries, and support.

For more information, including our new brand and a comprehensive FAQ list, please visit www.rangeweb.net/OneCompany.

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