The Food Group team gets creative around supply issues

The COVID-19 pandemic affected supply lines and suppliers of many different products throughout the U.S., The Food Group in Sheridan is no exception. 

During the initial height of the pandemic, schools in Wyoming were temporarily closed. This posed a problem for The Food Group whose mission is to ensure children have access to nutritious food. 

Executive Director Keri McMeans.

K. McMeans

Although the numbers of cases have come down and the country has begun a recovery from the pandemic, backlogs, labor and other issues pose a new challenge to The Food Group with supply issues. 

K. McMeans

McMeans went on to say that she is surrounded by a good staff that gets creative when assembling meals. The executive director is able to remain informed on supply issues through the work of her Program Director Elizabeth Moore. 

Moore orders much of the food. She is in constant contact with the 501(c)3’s food providers (mainly Ridley’s Market) who work closely with Moore to ensure if something cannot be supplied, McMeans will know when it will arrive or a substitute is provided. 

Learn more about The Food Group here.

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