Patient transfers continue to pose significant challenge to SMH

Hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients have been surging across the United States, causing difficulties for patients that require transfers for care. 

According to Sheridan Memorial Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty, the patient count of SMH has been consistent but at the during the week the number did slightly decline, allowing for a bit of reprieve for staff. 

But that can change quickly, and staff are constantly checking the situations in other hospitals throughout the region. Should a patient require a transfer to receive care, the list of available space in hospitals is almost non-existent.  

M. McCafferty

The situation changes quickly, many times daily. When it is possible, transferring patients from SMH to another hospital in the region is now a case by case basis, McCafferty said.  

M. McCafferty

Although a small break in hospitalizations has given the staff of SMH a small reprieve, the hospital continues to administer an average of 70 tests a day.  

Beginning Monday, Oct. 4, SMH will begin taking appointments to receive a Pfizer vaccine booster as well as appointments for those wishing to take the initial doses.


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      • Grow up all in caps? What, you couldn’t find an angry bird emoji? Accusing Dems of name calling in the same paragraph you throw a slur at the President. Someone who is inoculated and gets sick enough to need an ICU bed is practically a Unicorn- and would qualify as really unlucky. Your other 2 examples may actually be defensible with the minor difference that they’re not contagious. You, on the other hand, are. In the end I’m tired of pretending that you have some kind of valid argument that justifies endangering my grandchildren, my friends with compromised immune systems, and all the rest of us who may need a hospital that is overwhelmed with Covid deniers.

    • First of all Ray, your comments wishing death on those that might disagree with your views is disgusting and morally bankrupt… And your egotistical view that you have more of a right to medical care than others that you deem unworthy is staggering…

      You just regurgitate leftist talking points and spew hate and division with your comments, it is just sad really, you should be ashamed of yourself, but as a leftist I know you won’t be.

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        • Not trying to make it partisan, I despise both the left and right, they are both toxic, both sides just repeat the propaganda they are fed and neither side seems able to fully think for themselves. I am not accepting responsibility for any deaths as I am not arguing on the right wings tenants, it isn’t a black or white issue, I am simply pointing out that your argument is just a leftist talking point that has apparently poisoned your mind to the point that you hope anyone who disagrees with your side “dies in a dark closet”.

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