Sculptor Jodi Stuart to speak at Whitney Center for the Arts on Sept. 9

Accomplished sculptor Jodi Stuart creates colorful structures using a 3D printing pen. According to Sheridan College Assistant Professor of Photography & Printmaking and Whitney Center for the Arts Gallery Director Brittney Denham Whisonant, the structures take Stuart hours of careful and intentional placement. 

The result is a highly colorful and typically twisting frame that uses as much space and lighting as it does physical material. In some cases, Stuart has placed a piece on or beside a flat, 2D pixelated image. Stuart’s use and combinations of artistic and engineering principles display her mastery of the high-tech equipment she utilizes to create.

Pieces of Stuart’s work are currently on display at the Whitney Center for the Arts. The public is invited to view the innovative work as well as attend an upcoming talk by the artist herself Sept. 9.

Whisonant told listeners of Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse what these artist talks have included in the past and the opportunities visiting artists give the community and Sheridan College students. 

B. Denham Whisonant,

For more information and to view a piece of Stuart’s work, click here.

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