Campbell County Rancher Survives On Water and Beer After Being Pinned By ATV

A Wyoming rancher who was pinned by an all-terrain vehicle survived on beer and bottled water for two days.

53-year old Frank Reynolds, was trying to round up a cow and calf on a neighbor’s pasture outside Gillette, when the vehicle tipped over on him Sunday (July 4th).

Campbell County undersheriff Quentin Reynolds says family thought Reynolds had gone camping or was with friends.

The next day they began to worry.

Eventually, they learned Reynolds had planned to do some work on the property, where he was laying with a dislocated shoulder and broken ribs.

A search began however Reynolds had honked the ATV’s horn so much, he wore down the battery.

Campbell County Sheriff Scott Matheny said Reynolds was able to ration a couple of bottles of water and some beers from a cooler.

Searching on horseback, a neighbor found Reynolds around 8 a.m. Tuesday.

He was expected to remain in the hospital a few more days and eventually recover.

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