Araas celebrates 100 years Wednesday

Dr. Fred Araas will celebrate his 100th birthday Wednesday. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Dr. Fred Araas will be 100 years old Wednesday.

A native of Spring Valley, Minnesota, he’s lived in Sheridan since the early 1950s, opening a medical practice here in 1952.

Araas said he got in his car and headed north to Sheridan, where a classmate of his had a practice. He stopped to visit the classmate and was invited to stay. In addition, Araas said, his wife was originally from Sheridan.

Dr. Araas served with the U.S. Army during World War II. (Couetesy photo)

The couple stayed, raising a family that now includes, in addition to five children, five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Among the gifts Araas will receive Wednesday in honor of his birthday is a draft book of letters that he and his wife wrote to each other after their marriage in 1943, while he was serving with the U.S. Army in Europe.

His daughter, Teddy, read the foreword of the book, which was written by another sister.

During a long medical practice here, Dr. Araas said he delivered about 1,000 babies through the years, introduced – along with a colleague – the polio vaccine to this area and was a sports doctor for the Sheridan High School Broncs and the Sheridan rodeos.

He also found time to write books and stay physically active, running in half-marathons until he was in his 70s. He credits that physical activity, along with never having smoked, for his longevity.


  1. I credit Dr. Araas for treating both of my arms after they caught fire in a gasoline accident. I was four years old then (52 now) and the bandage change sessions were excruciating. He and the nurse were super reassuring and as gentle as they could be. I knew they were near tears because of the pain but we got through the changes together. His expertise left me with zero scars. None! The burns were very bad to the point that my skin looked like it was dripping off my arms and I had big bubbling blisters that had to be cut off. Happy Birthday, Dr. Araas! I am forever grateful and indebted to you and your staff! May your days be forever blessed!

    Kevin J. Thompson

  2. Happy birthday to you Dr. Araas. You delivered both of our children and we could not have asked for a more caring and gentle doctor. We also enjoyed our visits each year when you came into The Trophy Case for your award to a deserving student and teacher at SHS. Wishing you a wonderful birthday. 🎉🎂🎁

  3. Dr.Araas delivered both my children.He is the greatest,kindest Dr. May you have the greatest Birthday ever.

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