Kinner Talks Next Steps for Legislature

On Thursday, the Management Council of the Wyoming Legislature met to consider study topics for joint interim committees, including determining the appropriate legislative responses to the current public health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Local Representative for House District 29 Mark Kinner participated in the 11 hour meeting and shared the details.

Rep. Kinner

Representative Kinner explained some of the topics that were of concern to the council.

Rep. Kinner

Kinner said that a one day special session of the 65th Wyoming Legislature is likely to be on the horizon as well, possibly in early May. To find the details as well as the recording of the meeting, follow this link

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  1. Would like to see the legislature convene ASAP to end the temporary executive orders that keep us from working and running our businesses. I understand a temporary order for health concerns, but now that we’ve led the nation for weeks, in fewest cases and deaths…it’s past time to re-open.

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