Governor, State Health Officer Stress the Importance of Facemasks

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon and State Health Officer Dr. Alexia Harrist, at a news conference Wednesday, expressed the importance of wearing a facemask when out in public. Dr. Harrist said that as with many difficult situations, our most vulnerable populations are likely impacted the most during this pandemic.

Dr. Harrist

Governor Gordon said that it’s particularly important to wear a face covering when social distancing guidelines cannot be achieved.

Governor Gordon

Gordon also touched on the public health orders in regard to facemasks.

Governor Gordon

The public health orders remain in effect through the end of the month. The Governor said that no decision as of yet has been made as to what will happen when the health orders expire.

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Dennis Fox
7 months ago

Thank-you for the guideline. The no-longer “emergency orders” should expire on 30 May. Only the legislature can make law, not the governor. What will happen if the governor chooses to extend his so-called “orders” for a third time? Nothing good. Wyoming is a tolerant state. But we are also a free state. I urge the governor to have faith in the people of Wyoming and stop imposing illegal “orders” on us. We’ve led the nation in fewest deaths, not because of any gov’t edict, but because we are naturally smart and great at social distancing. Now let’s lead the country towards Liberty. Wyoming…forever west…..forever FREE.

Harold Golden
7 months ago
Reply to  Dennis Fox

Good comment. I agree totally. Sooner or later, common sense will prevail.

mark steingass
7 months ago

Facemasks are a good strategy to mitigate risks to the public (especially the vulnerable¬†population) however this has been and will continue to be a very divisive issue…I can understand logic on both sides of this issue…Smith Alley Brewery is a wonderful and beautiful achievement for Sheridan’s main street and regardless of their view on this issue or my opinion it would be great if Sheridan residents would make an extra effort to support all local businesses in the future….Sheridan Strong…it’s never too late to mitigate.¬†

Dennis Fox
7 months ago

Freedom should never be a divisive issue in America. We were founded as a free country and will remain so, only as long as people stand up and defend the rights given to us, by our creator and guaranteed by the Constitution. If you are sick, stay home. If you want to wear a mask, gloves or hazmat suit, then you are free to do so. But the government should never mandate anything that violates our freedom to worship, travel or gather as we choose. That is the case in America today, to a greater or lessor degree depending on your state governor. Ours has been pretty good, but he should allow his temporary, “orders” to expire and leave it up to local government. And I mean civilian gov’t not the police. They should not be put in a position of trying to enforce guidelines or governor-only created fake “laws.” That sets a very bad precedent. Only our legislature can make law and they’ve made zero laws about any aspect of covid-19. No legislature given law. No law! All mask wearing, gathering-size and church-going should be un-restricted and left up to local gov’t. And if the mayor or commissioners want to try to keep us apart, good luck getting re-elected. And that’s exactly the way the founders designed and intended. The president didn’t impose a national order. He pushed it to the governors. That’s as it should be under the US Constitution. The governors then issued temporary, emergency orders, which should now expire. The emergency is over. Each county is different. Leave it up to local gov’t. We’ll all breath easier once our lively-hoods and freedoms are restored. It’s called Federalism and is the foundation of American Liberty and our form of self-government.