Modified Health Orders Allow for Larger Outdoor Gatherings

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Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon announced Wednesday that updated public health orders will ease restrictions on public gatherings. While no significant changes are being made to the updated Public Health Orders #1 and #3, Governor Gordon announced that the update to public health order #2 effective June 1 will allow public gatherings of up to 250 people. Gordon said the updated order allows for outdoor events to occur with social distancing and increased sanitization measures in place.

Gov. Gordon

State Health Officer Dr. Alexia Harrist echoed the governor’s comments on Wyoming citizens exercising good judgement and personal responsibility in what they do.

Dr. Harrist

Hosts and organizers of outdoor events are asked to screen staff for symptoms of COVID-19 and ensure adequate personal protective equipment is available. Food and beverage services at outdoor gatherings are required to follow the provision for restaurants outlined in Public Health Order # 1. Indoor events and gatherings, other than religious gatherings and other exemptions listed in the order, will continue to be restricted to groups of 25 or fewer. The modified public health orders can be viewed here:


  1. Would be nice if the governor would allow us all to be free. Doesn’t he trust us to use good judgement?

    • the first day the court house was reopened to the public .Someone sat in the line for the Treasure”s to pay their taxes or renew their plates. while siting in line ate sunflower seeds and spit the shells on the floor . that show a lot of good judgement on their part

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