R-CALF Connects Americans to Nearest Beef Sources

With meat disappearing from grocery stores, R-CALF seeks to connect consumers directly with beef producers. (Photo by Pat Blair)

In the wake of reports that beef cases in grocery stores are empty in some areas of the country, R-CALF USA has launched a new website to connect consumers with cattle farmers and ranchers.

The goal is to provide beef exclusively born, raised and harvested in the U.S. directly from the producer to the consumer.

The website is a platform for cattle farmers and ranchers to list their farms, ranches or businesses, along with the type of cattle, beef and beef products they offer. American consumers can view the list online and contact the farmer, rancher or business of their choice to purchase beef.

Information can be accessed online at www.USABeef.org.

R-CALF USA has issued an alert to its 5,300 members in 43 states announcing the availability of the platform where cattle farmer and rancher members can start listing their farms, ranches and businesses. The only requirement is that all beef must be born, raised and harvested in the U.S.

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