Twelve Sheridan High School Soccer Players Earn Post-Season Honors For 2022 Season

Kevin Koile - Sheridan Media

Coaches and members of the Wyoming Coaches Association have voted on which players they believe are the best in the 4A East and West, as well as the best in the state regardless of conference, for the 2022 Wyoming High School Soccer season.

The following names are those from Sheridan that received post-season recognition.


Frank Sinclair (All-Conference)

Colson Coon (All-State and All-Conference)

Reed Rabon (All-State and All-Conference)

Dane Steel (All-State and All-Conference)

Alex Jack (All-Conference)

Kaden Bateson (All-State and All-Conference)

Chris Larson (All-Conference)


Olivia Ballew (All-Conference and All-State)

Sydni Bilyeu (All-Conference)

Emma Prior (All-Conference)

Ellie Williams (All-Conference and All-State)

Libby Gardener (All-Conference)

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