Zoning Ordinance Approved on Second Reading

(Photo Ron Richter ©)

Ordinance 2272, which amends City of Sheridan Code appendix A, article three, paragraph four, was approved  on second reading by the Sheridan City Council at their business meeting Monday night. The code that is being amended by the ordinance states that any property annexed into the City be placed into an R-1 zoning district unless the governing body chooses otherwise. R-1 is the most restrictive of the City’s residential zoning districts. City Attorney Brendon Kerns.

Brendon Kerns

The City Council also approved an ordinance on third and final reading that amends the City’s current ordinance that prohibits parking on emergency snow routes in the City during or following a snow event. A resolution was approved that authorizes an amendment to increase the amount of the Wyoming Water Development Commission grant for the Northeast Transmission Main Project to a total of $2.66 million. We’ll have more from the City Council meeting in future stories.

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