Deadline for 2023 Start-Up Challenge applications is Monday

Monday, Sept. 18 is the deadline to apply for the 2023 Sheridan IMPACT 307 Start-Up Challenge. 

Sheridan IMPACT 307 has presented a challenge to potential entrepreneurs to compete with fellow like-minded people and earn a chance to make a dream come to fruition by participating in the Start-Up Challenge for the past seven years. The application process to join the Start-Up Challenge is five weeks long, and the deadline is Sept. 18. 

Sheridan IMPACT 307 Business Incubator Director Scot Rendall told listeners of Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse the benefits of winning the $100,000 seed capital fund are indisputable, but every contestant benefits from the guidance and experience of the team at IMPACT 307. 

According to Rendall, many contestants in the past, including some former winners, experienced trepidation before applying to the Start-Up Challenge. Many people may believe they do not have the time or the know-how to accomplish their dream. Rendall told listeners that to participate in the challenge, one only needs an idea, it is the duty of the team at Sheridan IMPACT 307 to help budding entrepreneurs learn how to get there. 

S. Rendall 

Participating in the Start-Up Challenge acts as a course teaching potential entrepreneurs the time-tested techniques of market testing, benefit-cost ratio, overhead and business acumen needed to take a product from the idea stage to production. 

Participating in and ultimately winning the Start-Up Challenge allowed Megan Welles – owner and operator of HorseWell – the means and the resources she needed to perfect the HorseWell Equine Massager. She utilized the seed money to increase production of the HorseWell Equine Massager. But it was the experience and guidance of the team at Sheridan IMPACT 307 that helped her to develop and discover the market for the product. 

Rendall has witnessed the benefits of participating in the challenge first-hand and encourages anyone with an idea to participate in the challenge. 

S. Rendall 

Find the application for the 2023 Sheridan IMPACT 307 Start-Up Challenge here

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