Sheridan County High School Football Schedules Ready For 2022 and 2023

The 2021 Wyoming High School Football season just ended and most of the schedules for the next 2 seasons are ready.

Exact dates and start times of games are to be announced.


The Broncs play the same teams that they’ve played in years past, with 2 changes. Home and away games played in 2021 will play at the other location for 2022. This means Sheridan will play a 5 home, 4 away schedule in 2022. The other change is the order of the games. The order of opponents in 2021 was the same as 2020, so to keep things from getting too repetitive each season, the order was mixed up for 2022 and will be in the same order in 2023.

Sheridan will start 2022 at home vs. Cheyenne Central, then play at Cheyenne South, home vs. Laramie, at Rock Springs, home vs. Thunder Basin, home vs. Cheyenne East, at Kelly Walsh, at Natrona and home vs. Campbell County.

2023 opponents will be the same order, with home and away games reversing.

Big Horn and Tongue River:

Like Sheridan, BH and TR play the same 2A East opponents in 2022 as they did in 2021 and 2020. The changes are that 2021 home games are away in 2022 and vice-versa.

Both BH and TR are searching for a non-2A East opponent to start the 2022 season (BH with a home game and TR on the road).

The Rams’ conference schedule is at Upton-Sundance, at Glenrock, home vs. Torrington, home vs. Wheatland, at Newcastle, home vs. Tongue River and at Burns.

The Eagles’ conference schedule is home vs. Glenrock, at Upton-Sundance, home vs. Newcastle, home vs. Torrington, at Burns, at Big Horn and home vs. Wheatland.

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