Sheridan County Amends 2021-22 Budget

Sheridan County has approved a Resolution to amend their 2021-22 budget to transfer unencumbered and/or unexpended funds and departmental budget balances from fiscal year 2020-21.

County Administrative Director Renee Obermueller explained the Resolution further.

According to Resolution 21-07-017, adjustments were needed in operating expenses in the General Fund to appropriate $3.5 million in unanticipated grant expenses and grant revenues; expenditures over budget of $6,000 in the County Attorney’s Office and just under $12,000 in the Administration Department, and $850,000 in the Capital Department due to the Fulmer Library upgrades.

Also, adjustments were needed in operating revenues in the General Fund for an additional $1.58 million in unanticipated revenues; $575,000 in the 1% Optional Tax Department; $580,000 in the Capital Facilities Tax Fund; and $170,000 in the SCRF (Sheridan County Road Fund) Fund.

Additionally, adjustments were needed in the operating expense in the Employee Health Benefit Fund for $227,000 in unanticipated expenses.

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