Tips offered on staying safe

Most people, says Rebecca Edwards, don’t improve their personal or property security or take safety measures until something bad has already happened to them.

She said that’s like putting the Band-aid on after the fact. Edwards is the lead safety and tech reporter for SafeWise, the company that last week released a report showing that Sheridan is the fourth safest city in Wyoming.

Edwards talked about what people can do to protect themselves.

Edwards recommends that people plan ahead to be as preventative as possible. She advises people to be aware, to pay attention to their surroundings, get to know what belongs in your neighborhood and your workplace. She said notice the vehicles and the people that should be in the places where you normally are.

She says people should always lock the doors and windows of their cars and homes, and if they have an alarm system – set it.

In terms of home safety, she said there’s a lot people can do without adding new equipment. She said the home should look like it’s inhabited. If you’re away for a time, make sure the lawn is cared for and snow is being removed. Don’t have a lot of shrubbery around windows that provide a place where people can hide.

She said the fewer opportunities provided to those who could harm you, the better.

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