SCSD#2 Covid-19 Plan Review

In a release on January 7, 2022 from Scott Stults, Superintendent of SCSD#2 he said that SCSD#2 has conducted its bi-weekly review of the current COVID-19 plan, approved by the Board of Trustees on November 16, 2021. In doing the review, the school district has ongoing consultations with local health officials; they take into account transmission indicators provided by the Wyoming Department of Health and statistics collected by Sheridan County, including local hospitalization levels.

The COVID-19 plan was also updated to reflect recent changes to quarantine protocols by the Wyoming Department of Health. Up to this point, individuals who test positive or are close contacts for COVID-19 have not been able to attend school/work for 10 days. Per the Wyoming Department of Health, individuals who are positive or close contacts now also have the option of choosing to return to school after 5 days while wearing a mask for the remaining 5 days as long as symptoms have improved and there is no fever for at least 24 hours. These changes will go into effect on Monday, January 10.

The Wyoming Department of Health classifies the county transmission rate as Moderate-High at this time, with the Test Percent Positivity Rate classified as Low. As of January 7, 2022, Sheridan County reported the following:

COVID-19 Cases in Sheridan County residents are as follows: Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve had 4,706 lab confirmed cases (+30 in the last 24 hours) Of those 103 are active (+26 in the last 24 hours) 4,552 are recovered (+4 in the last 24 hours) 63 are confirmed deceased

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 1,418 probable cases (+6 in the last 24 hours) Of those 9 are active (+4 in the last 24 hours). Currently hospitalized in Sheridan County: 9

Based on these factors and ongoing guidance from local health officials, the district will remain consistent with the COVID-19 plan as approved on November 16. The plan will be reviewed again on Monday, January 24.

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