The HUB on Smith returns to normal operations

Things have finally begun to return to normal at the HUB on Smith. 

Like so many other organizations, when the HUB on Smith closed its doors to protect their patrons from contracting the COVID-19 virus, everyone was uncertain of when they could return to normal operations. 

The HUB leadership implemented a plan to reopen with steps that would ensure the ability to draw back an opening should surges of case numbers occur within the community. Through the use of this plan and the vaccination rate increased in the senior population, the HUB on Smith began to reopen the doors. 

The HUB cautiously opened their cafeteria, which is so critical to many seniors in the community, to a lunch only menu in May. With the success of that reopening, and case numbers remaining low in Sheridan the HUB has now begun to serve breakfast again. 

Director of Operations for the HUB on Smith Jennifer Tribley. 

J. Tribley

Breakfast begins at 7 a.m. and runs until 9 a.m., Mon-Fri. Lunch begins at noon and serves until 1 p.m. Mon-Fri. 

Breakfast isn’t the only thing being served up at the HUB, patrons can now enjoy a game of ping pong with friends, or an exercise class among the many other activities the HUB is known for providing. 

Executive Director Carmen Rideout suggested a few locations to find the schedule of upcoming activities while appearing on Public Pulse. 

C. Rideout

A link to the HUB on Smith’s website can be found here, or give the HUB a call at (307) 672-2240.

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