Black Bear Euthanized in Sheridan After Second Capture in Three Weeks

Wyoming Game and Fish wildlife managers euthanized a two-year-old male black bear on Monday morning after capturing it along Big Goose Creek between the 8th and 11th street bridges. According to a media release from the Game and Fish Sheridan Region Office, personnel with the G&F had responded to multiple reports of a bear in the north area of Sheridan for more than a week, but previous attempts to immobilize or trap it were unsuccessful.

Based on information from an ear tag, the bear was previously captured in Sheridan on June 20 near the Holly Sugar building off Sugarland Drive in Sheridan. It was released that day in the Bighorn National Forest. Sheridan Wildlife Biologist Tim Thomas said because the bear traveled more than 30 miles through quality bear habitat, showed no aversion to being in a residential setting and had received several food rewards of residential garbage in recent days, the decision was made to euthanize it. 

Thomas added that relocating bears is the preferred management option when possible, but as in cases like this, bears will sometimes travel long distances to return to where they were captured and the relocation effort is unsuccessful. This is a very dry year and bears are likely roaming more widely in their search for natural foods. Any sightings of a bear in residential or developed areas should be reported as soon as possible to the Game and Fish Regional Office at 307-672-7418 during regular business hours or to a local law enforcement agency.


  1. Okay so this is pretty messed up, because of humans being greedy and selfish and they keep building and building so they can have more and more money which in return is taking up more and more of there habitat and that’s okay of course, but this guy has to die because he came up in human territory, that was more inlikely his territory to begin with….wow that’s pretty sad, im sure he had family just like the rest of us that has wondered where he has gone and if he will return, but of course he won’t, humans are not the only ones with feelings and families so maybe next time before ya’ll decide to be selfish, inhumane and greedy. Please try and think about something other than yourselves, I know thats hard people, but they were here first! Its not good enough that selfishness and greed took there homes, but it now has to take there lives as well, what a sad and sorry world ya’ll created to live in, RIP big guy 😢

    • Very well put. This is their land and to kill such a magnificently beautiful animal for greed lowers those who would kill this majestic animal to sub human creatures.
      The average bear must travel 20/50 Miles daily foraging for food as it is.

  2. The Game&Fish should have made a greater effort to relocate the bear further away. Wyoming is a big state. Shame on them for such a poor effort at relocation and
    destroying precious wildlife.

  3. It’s a shame this bare was destroyed bc of egnorent humans couldn’t/wouldn’t properly prevent actracting bears to their property, bty this land was theirs first, humans invaded it by building homes, communities, all the while animals habitats were being destroyed making it harder for them to find refugee and food resources, giving them no choice but to to try to survive among the the human population, so it’s no wonder you see animal-human conflict, typically, black bears are shy and do not want to have contact with humans, this bear was only two yrs old, surly there were other options you could have chosen, your actions are reprehensible I do hope there’s not a repeat of this barbaric murder of an innocent being, although, if an event occurs pls choose wisely and weigh your options relocate the bear or something, anything, don’t harm him, it’s not a good option for anyone

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