Lummis Pledges to Keep Fighting for Wyoming After Haaland Confirmation Vote

Following the Senate’s vote to confirm Representative Deb Haaland to serve as Secretary of the Interior, Senator Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming pledged to keep fighting for Wyoming’s land and energy needs. Of the vote, Sen. Lummis said:

“While I love the particular charms of Wyoming winters, this weekend’s historic snowstorm has kept me from returning to Washington, D.C. to vote on the confirmation of Representative Deb Haaland. While Democrats in the Majority had the votes to confirm her as Secretary of the Interior, I’ve been proud to be a leading voice in opposition to Representative Haaland’s confirmation and the anti-energy, anti-jobs agenda for which she advocates. It is my hope that Rep. Haaland has heard, and taken to heart, the very real concerns of states like Wyoming that rely on energy production and use of public lands for our livelihoods. I will continue to fight at every turn against efforts from Rep. Haaland and the Biden Administration that seek to undermine Wyoming jobs and communities.”

Sen. Lummis has been a leading voice opposing Rep. Haaland for Secretary of the Interior. She spoke on the floor of the Senate against her nomination last week, and placed a hold on her nomination to extend debate on her confirmation. In addition, Sen. Lummis introduced the POWER Act, which would undo President Biden’s ban on new oil and gas leasing and drilling on federal lands.

Due to a historic snowstorm in southeast Wyoming, Senator Cynthia Lummis was unable to return to Washington in time for the final vote on the confirmation of Representative Deb Haaland for Secretary


  1. Can’t trust anything this lady says. She is not looking after anyone but herself and the repub cronies that tried to subvert the democratic process and interfere with the peaceful transfer of power in this US. They did it to stay in power, enjoy privilege and status – not for citizens! She said nothing when the US capital was stormed in an unsuccessful attempt to keep her man in office. Oil and gas and coal and mining businesses have plundered federal lands and received federal subsidies for over a century. Unfortunately often with loose or no oversight, leaving messes and spoiled land and resources behind everywhere. Credit to the responsible operators for sure, but this lady is all about exploitation to stay in power. Don’t trust her to look out for ordinary Wyomingites, or to respect our state.

    • Shut your furnace off, and lead by example, Dennis.

      Anyone has the right to challenge election results as dems have done in the past. Funny that many repubs were the ones putting a stop to having an Independant forensic analysis done to the voting tabulating machines….and that there are still many unanswered questions regarding the “storming” of the US capitol.

      Who shot the unarmed Ashli Babbit?

      Its a big DC uniparty club, Dennis, and you, like me, ain’t in it.

  2. Can we expect access to public lands to become more restrictive since this far left radicals appointment? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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