Representative Cheney Co-Chairs Virtual Hearing on Biden’s Energy Moratorium

Courtesy Photo

Wyoming Congresswoman and Vice Chair of the Congressional Western Caucus Liz Cheney co-chaired a virtual hearing Friday focused on the Biden Administration’s efforts to threaten the energy industry and the economy. Representative Cheney, in her opening remarks, explained how the President’s initial executive orders represent a war on the West that will hurt Wyoming and rural communities across the country.

Liz Cheney

Cheney said while the administration claims that the ban is some sort of an effort to address climate change, the reality is the ban will do nothing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Adversely, it will disproportionately impact middle- and low-income families and communities in rural states across the West, like Wyoming, with large percentages of land in Wyoming being federal land.

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Mitch Smith
1 month ago

Will NEVER vote for this woman again…… She is the swamp queen.

Thomas Jones
1 month ago

Well I hope she used stern words, and wagged her index finger repeatedly! That will scare them!

Stop the kabuki theatrics, Liz, you KNEW this would happen under a Biden oligarchy, and you and your caucus could have done something to thouroghly investigate the 2020 election fraud….but you didn’t. Please resign!