School District 1 to continue four-day week

Based on two public hearings and response from a survey of parents, Sheridan County School District 1 will continue the four-day school week for at least two more years.

District 1 Superintendent Pete Kilbride said the district received 640 responses to the survey, and nearly 98 percent of those in the district who responded are very satisfied with the current four-day school week.

District 1 trustees held the second public hearing on the four-day school week at their meeting this week.

Kilbride said based on the survey results, if the school board felt like a change was needed from the four-day week, trustees would discuss in a regular meeting whether to return to a five-day school week.

But with results being overwhelmingly in favor of the four-day week, Kilbride said all he has to do is notify the Wyoming Department of Education that School District 1 will continue with the alternative four-day schedule. He said there is a form the district will submit, and the four-day school week will be approved for the next two years.

In other action this week, District 1 trustees heard an update on a project of Tongue River Middle School students to establish a veterans’ memorial in front of the school and recognized Brandi Miller, who has resigned as the board’s secretary. Sheridan Media will have more on those stories at a later time.

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