Health Orders Extended, Restrictions on Indoor Contact Sports Lifted

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Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon announced Tuesday the extension of the Public Health Orders. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Health Orders Extended

The Public Health Orders have been extended an additional two weeks through September 30. One change has been made to order #1, which now permits indoor close-contact group activities and sports to occur in all settings. Governor Gordon cited a desire to see the impacts of Labor Day weekend and the reopening of schools for in-person learning before taking additional steps and further easing the health orders.

Gov. Gordon

Restrictions on outdoor gatherings were eased in August and outdoor contact sports commenced at that time. Health officials have been able to continuously evaluate the easing of those restrictions and the resulting impact. There were minimal issues identified as a result of outdoor contact sports resuming. Health officials will continue to take specific, measured steps in the easing of orders, as conditions warrant. The Governor and State Health Officer Dr. Alexia Harrist noted that the procedures implemented by school districts across the state have been largely successful in limiting the spread of the virus. Protocols including social distancing and mask usage by staff and students have been effective in preventing widespread outbreaks. To date no school buildings in Wyoming have been required to close.


  1. Opening up indoor close contact activities and sports in any setting is not logical. You are playing with the lives of people including children. You are playing with Fire! I get that Wyoming is a Republican state and will follow blindly a President that lies daily and has no care about the people but only his own needs; there is a real disconnect here in this state when it comes to politics and truth. I don’t get the ignorance of supposedly educated officials in leadership positions that can’t just stand up and say no to the rhetoric. I am a health care provider and your response to this pandemic has been horrifyingly incompetent. It’s not about your jobs but about life and for those of you in powers and Gordon I call you out on this where do your loyalties it life and protection of health and welfare or your own aspirations of higher office? I urge you to think about Wyoming and it’s people and stand up for what is right, safe, ethical. This pandemic is not over and when you loosen restrictions to what you have done now you risk the life of every person in Wyoming. How many more deaths can your conscience survive?

    • Oh my God, republicans being blindly led. I am an independent for some time now and ask a couple of simple questions. How can you FOLLOW the Pelosi, Schumar, Schiff, Obama, Clinton, and the squad to name a few. Many of those mentioned should be hung for treason. My second question is how are republicans falling these cowards. We are talking limp wrist dweebs. PRESIDENT Trump did amazing things his 1st 3+years, lord knows wat he could wget with some help. Swamp removal much bigger job than he though.

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