G&F Stocks 6,000 Jumbo Channel Catfish

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department recently stocked 6,000 channel catfish into 19 community fishing ponds statewide. The fish are considered “jumbo-sized” at 13 to 14-inches and make great table fare. According to the Game and Fish, the catfish come from the Wyoming Women’s Center in Lusk from their in-house aquaculture program. It is the first time Game and Fish has worked with the Women’s Center aquaculture facility to raise and provide fish for the state.

Game and Fish fish culture supervisor Guy Campbell said that they don’t have a cool and warm water fish hatchery, their fish culture facilities are primarily supplied by colder water sources which make them great for raising trout, but with the Women’s Center, there was a unique opportunity for them to raise a warm water fish to benefit anglers. He said that typically cool and warm water fish, such as catfish, stocked in Wyoming are acquired by fish trades with other states. There were 175 of the fish stocked at Mavrakis Pond in Sheridan and 175 at the Rotary Park Pond in Ranchester.

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