Full-Size Hygiene Product Drive Kicks-Off Wednesday

The Food Group and Sheridan Stationery are teaming up for the annual full-size hygiene product drive. Food Group Executive Director Keri McMeans says the kick-off for the event is Wednesday at 5 pm at Sheridan Stationery.

Keri McMeans

McMeans says the annual event typically provides enough support to keep hygiene products stocked for the year. She provided details on exactly what products are needed the most.

Keri McMeans

McMeans said the full-size hygiene product drive will run from December 1 through the 31. Items can be dropped off at Sheridan Stationery beginning at 5 pm Wednesday.

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  1. A few months ago I saw a young woman going to one of the boxes that house items for free through “The Food Group”. I suddenly realized that she might need a feminine product or some other essential. I thought of running after her asking if she needed anything else. I decided not to do that to protect her privacy. BUT I will always take items to this event that continues to place needed products around town for people of all ages in need. Just add a few full-sized items to your grocery basket. It doesn’t take much of an effort.

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