Barrasso Discusses Vaccine Mandate, Omicron Variant

U.S. Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming appeared on Fox News Sunday with Trace Gallagher to discuss among other things, the Omicron variant of the coronavirus and the vaccine mandate. Barrasso said he disagrees with the mandate but continues to be an advocate for the vaccines.

Senator Barrasso

Barrasso also discussed the Democrats’ tax and spending bill, rising energy prices and the need to pass a national defense bill. Barrasso, when addressing energy prices, said we are much stronger as a nation if we’re selling energy to our friends than if we have to buy it from our enemies.


  1. Dr. Barrasso, shameless as always using any opportunity to duck accountability for any of the current ills of our nation. You and your GOP cronies try still to lead the gullible into thinking our democratic system should be abandoned and we would be better off with a King – Donald and his minions. What about the oath you took to “support and defend the Constitution.”? So Biden split the country, eh? GOP and you tried to rule as a minority by subverting an election. WY used to be different, but I sure don’t trust the GOP in this state anymore to act with patriotic integrity. You and cronies just chase money, status and power Dr., and no good comes from it.

  2. Funny how this clown never speaks about the GOP’s tax and spending escapades when they are in power.Do as I say…not as I do.

  3. IMO…any doctor worth a pound of salt (republican or democrat) would advocate for any measure (including a vaccine mandate) that would save lives and promote better health in the world population…Barrasso blames high inflation on the Biden administration however, until the economic, social and public health detriments of the pandemic are better controlled (by mandates or any other means) higher inflation and supply chain issues will cause chaos in the world economy

  4. Joe biden’s America! Folks this isn’t a vaccine, it is a cocktail mixture to stimulate the immune system to fight the virus and lessen the effects. it is NOT a vaccine. A vaccine stops the virus (Small Pox, Measles, Whooping cough, Chicken Pox, and a host of other virus) all this mixture does is INCREASE the spread of the virus by allowing asymptomatic to unknowingly spread the virus! At least if you have symptoms you know you might spread it…. Bring in a few more people from across the border joe!

  5. The TRIGGERED crowd is out in force. Hey–how bout this Cuomo brothers huh?? And Bidens racist and xenophobic travel ban?

  6. WOW—it’s pretty easy to tell from these comments what we have sneaking into our backyard (or maybe those who have been here and keeping their heads down out of cowardice). Tax and spend? Chase money? That is certainly the pot calling the kettle black! Each of the “liberal thinkers” commenting above have given in to marketing and the fear. Readily trading personal freedoms and accountability for perceived “safety” and “security”. There is already a few Utopians for you folks..and by the amount of people moving out of what they created there, they will likely have room for you!

    • I agree Scott! These “liberal thinkers” need to go back to where they came from. I’m a veteran who served my country and am thankful for our freedoms. They keep wanting us to give them up, one by one! If you don’t agree with them then what you say is racist, supremist or something-ist. I happen to have natural immunity, which a study from Israel says is 27 times better than any shot! And like you said Scott, the shot is not a vaccine as it doesn’t prevent infection. So I’m in the 99.9% + that had COVID and survived! And that is true science.

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