Tree Branch Cleanup Schedule

In response to the recent winter storm and the damage it caused to trees throughout the community, the City of Sheridan has a plan in place that will provide curbside collection and large disposal areas at designated drop sites to aid in the cleanup of broken and fallen branches. The curbside tree branch collection will begin on Wednesday, October 20th.

The City has divided the community into four zones. City crews will be running chainsaws, large wood chippers and associated dump vehicles working their way throughout each Zone one at a time in successive order. The City anticipates taking one week to get through each zone working full time Monday through Friday to achieve that goal. The City asks that residents who have the resources to transport their branches take them to either the Green waste drop sites located at 165 East Brundage Lane and 1261 Highland Avenue or the City Landfill.

If you do not have the ability or resources to transport branches the City asks that you take all branches and related debris to the curb. Crews will not collect from alleys or enter private property. Residents also need to ensure that trash cans are promptly cleared away from the curb following weekly pick-up. This will provide crews the necessary space to work when collecting branches. Citizens should also never attempt to dislodge tree limbs that are touching power lines. People should always call MDU to report limbs that are touching power lines. A map of the four zones and pickup dates has been provided below.

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  1. do you have an approximate date for tree limb pickup for the 1600 block of Dana Avenue. please and thank you

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