Council Discusses Hidden Bridge Ranch Subdivision

(Photo Ron Richter ©)

The Sheridan City Council at a study session Monday night discussed a resolution that would approve the final plat of the Hidden Bridge Ranch Subdivision. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Subdivision request

The Council discussed the final plat of the Hidden Bridge Ranch Subdivision, which subdivides 18.5 acres into 78 lots for property located in the 700 block of Mydland Road, South of West 5th Street in Sheridan. City Community Development Director Wade Sanner says that the average residential lot size is 6,792 square feet, and that there are 74 residential lots and four outlots in the proposed subdivision. Sanner said the subdivision does not meet the 10 percent open space requirement, as there is only 7 percent designated for greenspace. Sanner said that there is a provision in city code that will allow the developer a “workaround” with what is known as a fee in lieu.

Wade Sanner

Sanner said that the exact monetary fee amount has yet to be determined by the City Council. The Council is expected to consider the subdivision following the third and final reading of an ordinance that rezones the 18.5 acres from a mix of R-1 residential and B-1 business to R-2 residential. Both the rezone request and subdivision will be considered by the Council at their regularly scheduled meeting Monday night.

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Dean Seever
7 months ago

The developer can just pass that fee along to the home buyers and in turn sell more lots. That loophole incentivizes the developer to do away with the green space because it make more financial sense. Now the mystery is why did they bother with the 7%? Is that the marshy watershed spots that are unsuitable for building anyway?

Bob Richardson
7 months ago
Reply to  Dean Seever

It looks like California is already taking over Sheridan. Tiny lots that are going to cost more to buy than the cost of the tiny house you will be able to build on it unless you go up. Of course, it is like everything else, politics and money. Why even have an ordinance if a developer can BUY his way around it. Who ever implemented it, to me, I would consider them on the take or absolutely stupid. City lawyer,City Council, Mayor??????

janet Dill
7 months ago

I worry about the additional traffic on Mydland. Will the developer help pay for widening the road to put in turn lanes. Also, why not make rhem have the 10% as required.