Hospital continues to need masks

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To date, nearly 7,000 masks and other personal protective equipment items have been donated to Sheridan Memorial Hospital, but the hospital continues to need masks.

Dr. John Addlesperger, who’s chief medical officer, said the hospital still hands out masks to people who come in and who either don’t have masks of their own or have left their masks at home.

Ensuring that the hospital has the necessary personal protective equipment remains a top priority. Dr. Addlesperger said it’s been critical that volunteers in the community have helped supply the handmade masks that the hospital provides for patients.

The hospital has also benefited from Kennon Products, a partner of the Hospital Foundation, which has been manufacturing mask kits. Each kit includes both fabric and elastic materials to make 10 homemade masks that can be provided to patients, visitors and staff that aren’t in direct patient contact.

Addlesperger said the hospital continues to encourage people to follow guidelines including social distancing to reduce exposure to COVID-19. He said wearing masks is a way of taking care of our community. He said wearing a mask can cut down the spread of coronavirus.

Those who would like to pick up a kit to make masks for the hospital are asked to contact Volunteer Coordinator Jasmine Slater at 675-2620 or by email to to set up curbside pickup.

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