Hidden Hoot Trail and Hoot Loop Have Reopened to the Public

A couple of popular recreation trails in Sheridan have reopened to the public. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Hidden Hoot Reopened

The Sheridan Community Land Trust has announced that as of Sunday, May 1, Hidden Hoot Trail and Hoot Loop have reopened to the public. The two trails, part of the Soldier Ridge Trail System, had been closed since April 1 for calving season. Land Trust Executive Director Brad Bauer said they greatly appreciated the patience and cooperation from trail visitors and advised that there may be some rough spots on the trail. He encouraged trail users to get out and enjoy the trails as using the trails will help smooth over the rough spots.

Bauer said the first connection from The Base to Bear Gulch at Red Grade Trails will come later this summer and plans are underway to complete at least three additional miles of trail at the top of Red Grade Trails in addition to dedicated trailheads with parking lots at Poverty Flat and Bear Gulch East along the top of Red Grade Road. The Land Trust asks visitors to Hidden Hoot and Hoot Loop to continue to give the cows and calves they may encounter on the trail a wide berth and that pets must always be leashed on these trails. You can access maps of all of the various trails in the community here.

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